Monday, May 19, 2014

Menu for Week of Monday May 19th

Monday, May 19th

When I lost 50 pounds back in 2011, one of my weekly practices included menu planning.  After 6-8 months of menu planning I stopped, thinking, "I got this".  I also gained 20 pounds!!  So, I am re-implementing this practice into my life of health weekly menu planning.  This practice keeps me in check.  It helps me prepare meals more quickly and efficiently.  It also helps me stay on track.  I want to eat healthy.  I want to lose 20 pounds.  I want to look hot, hot, hot!  So, in addition to thinking about what I eat and making healthy eating choices, I need to plan my meals.  Here's a peak into what I'm eating today.


  • 1 egg fried, one slice grain bread, mustard, ketchup
  • one cup iceberg lettuce with balsamic dressing
  • one cup fresh blueberries
  • one cup coffee with moo, cinnamon and SUGAR 
  • Mexican chicken soup with fresh vegetables
  • two cups ICED green tea with STEVIA
  • Greek yogurt with strawberries
  • fried tofu with soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds
  • fresh veggies (carrot sticks, celery sticks, cabbage, and/or corn on the cobb!)
  • smoothie with banana, cinnamon, and almond milk
  • one gala apple with peanut butter
  • mulitvitamin, fish oil, water, and weekly exercise (now it's primarily aerobic, will add resistance training this week too)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Long Time No See!!

Oh my God!  It's been AGES since I've written ANYTHING on my blog!!  But, today I'm back.  May 5, 2012, I became a licensed Zumba fitness instructor!!  Who would have imagined?  And, I'm about to CELEBRATE my 2 year anniversary as a ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR next month!  Woo hoo!  I'm so excited.  And, yet, in that time, after keeping my weight under control for almost 2 years, I slowly regained 20-25 pounds back!  My first clue was when my skinny jeans no longer fit me!  And, when my tan pants were tight in the waistline.  What happened to me?  I began to think that I could relax a little bit with my eating.  I stopped being meticulous and careful. But, mainly, I began eating tortillas, fried tacos, Mexican sweet bread and chocolate in greater proportions than before.  I know why I did this; I let another person influence my eating in this way instead of maintaining control over my diet (and by diet I mean food intake).  Get over it already!  Time for change, and self-responsibility!!

Summer is approaching, and I have an important family function to attend in July.  I have 3 months to prepare for fitting into this hot dress!  I want to look, and FEEL, my best!!  And, I know, past experience has taught me, that 3 MONTHS is plenty of time to CHANGE MY BODY!!  All I have to do is eat the right foods in the right proportions, and stick to it!!

Recently, I did the Dr. Oz 2-week Rapid Weight Loss Diet.  I really liked it because it gave me an opportunity to refocus on my eating habits and to begin again of making healthier life choices when it comes to the kitchen!! I lost 6 pounds on it, and probably would have lost a bit more had I not cheated a few times.

Right now I am watching what I eat.  I am diligently focused on clean eating.  I am thankful for a friend and a support group that she started.  So, we send messages to each other and try to support one another.  That is a god-send for me!!  To be continued...