Friday, April 11, 2014

Long Time No See!!

Oh my God!  It's been AGES since I've written ANYTHING on my blog!!  But, today I'm back.  May 5, 2012, I became a licensed Zumba fitness instructor!!  Who would have imagined?  And, I'm about to CELEBRATE my 2 year anniversary as a ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR next month!  Woo hoo!  I'm so excited.  And, yet, in that time, after keeping my weight under control for almost 2 years, I slowly regained 20-25 pounds back!  My first clue was when my skinny jeans no longer fit me!  And, when my tan pants were tight in the waistline.  What happened to me?  I began to think that I could relax a little bit with my eating.  I stopped being meticulous and careful. But, mainly, I began eating tortillas, fried tacos, Mexican sweet bread and chocolate in greater proportions than before.  I know why I did this; I let another person influence my eating in this way instead of maintaining control over my diet (and by diet I mean food intake).  Get over it already!  Time for change, and self-responsibility!!

Summer is approaching, and I have an important family function to attend in July.  I have 3 months to prepare for fitting into this hot dress!  I want to look, and FEEL, my best!!  And, I know, past experience has taught me, that 3 MONTHS is plenty of time to CHANGE MY BODY!!  All I have to do is eat the right foods in the right proportions, and stick to it!!

Recently, I did the Dr. Oz 2-week Rapid Weight Loss Diet.  I really liked it because it gave me an opportunity to refocus on my eating habits and to begin again of making healthier life choices when it comes to the kitchen!! I lost 6 pounds on it, and probably would have lost a bit more had I not cheated a few times.

Right now I am watching what I eat.  I am diligently focused on clean eating.  I am thankful for a friend and a support group that she started.  So, we send messages to each other and try to support one another.  That is a god-send for me!!  To be continued...