Friday, May 29, 2015

Give Yourself a Break and Start Fresh Today

     Today started out just like any other normal school day.  Wake up, hit the snooze, get up, get ready, head out the door with breakfast in hand.  Drive to work, check in for the day, greet my co-workers, and arrive to 1st period.  However, little did I know that TODAY's LESSON  would prove to be RELEVANT to my own personal life.  Let me try to explain why.
     The teacher is teaching the class about the heart, and the circulatory system.  Students had to take notes on the topic, and label the heart, including the direction of the blood flow, according to whether or not it contained oxygen or not.  This is in one of the science classes.  Finally, at the end of the notes, the teacher was discussing cardiovascular disease, and athlerosclerosis, and ways to PREVENT it.  Good diet was on top of the list.  Losing weight/having an acceptable weight was also on the list.  Of course, I immediately began to reflect upon my own personal journey in this area, as I once had been almost 200 pounds, in 2011, before I set out to lose weight. It reminded me of where I am today, and of where I'd like to be in the future.  I immediately set out to REFOCUS upon my goal of getting down to my previous number (almost 140).  Hence, I am RECOMMITING to HEALTHY eating once again.
     There are 3 things that I must do in order to be successful with this goal (losing weight, roughly 15-20 pounds).  First, I need to MENU PLAN.  That's right.  I need to spend some time carefully thinking about which foods I will ingest into my body, in which portions, and at what time of the day.  What food/foods will I be eliminating or replacing in my overall eating plan?  For me, I'm planning on eliminating coffee because I cannot drink coffee alone without sugar and creamer companions!  That's just not possible for me.  And, I will replace the morning coffee with something I equally love, and that is my hot green tea! 
     So, on to creating my menu.  I'll come back to edit this blog at a future time.  Stay tuned for more!