Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday's Morning Breakfast

Just a quick note about today's morning breakfast. Alarm went off around 6 AM, but felt groggy and not wanting to get up. Waited until about 6:45 to get up for a morning walk. Wanted to put something in my stomach before then. So, I grabbed about a quarter cup of trail mix before going out on the morning walk.

The morning walk was cool. I loved it. Wore a new outfit I got last night from Jill. The pinkish-purple suit up, with nice decor on it. Walked around neigborhoodd about 50 minutes. Came back and made a proper breakfast of the following: 1 orange, 1 cup of non fat milk, one scrambled egg with sauteed onion and garlic in butter, and a side of cucumber kimchi, and about a half cup or a third cup of cooked mixed grain rice, and a cup of hot green tea. Am definately filled up with good nutrition. Balanced. From variety of food groups.

Drank a lot of water before and after the morning walk. Also, took a multi vitamin and fish oil supplement. Am off to a good start so far.

It's just one meal at a time. And, one day at a time. I sound like a recovering addict. LoL

But, in some ways, its true. Have so much to prepare today for new class. Such a blessing to be teaching. God is stretching me "just enough". Not too much that I get exasperated. But, also not too little that I don't feel a need to rely on Him.

Spent some time this morning in extended prayer. Was reminded about something Nackwon told me Sunday night. She reminded me about life being about God, and our relationship with Jesus.

Then, I am reading a friend's blog, Jo. She's the friend I met in Korea and stayed with her and we hung out together often. Now she's back in UK, and I'm intrigued by her blog. It is memories of that season of Korea.

Hungry now for lunch. Next meaL? Uh, maybe fish, and rice and kimchi? I must think I'm korean or something!! Until next time...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

What a crazy eating day. A very unusual one. Grazing. Trail mix in the morning, like 6:15 AM. An orange around 8:30 AM plus a hard boiled egg. Another hard boiled egg around 11:30 AM. Yogurt @ 12 or 12:30. Then rice, sausage, and cucumber kimchi around 12:30 or 1. Protein shake in the afternoon after a 30 minute elliptical machine workout. Dinner around 6:30 PM: a sandwich from Subway, on the honey wheat bread, all veggies, mustard no mayo, no oil no vinegar. Was planning on cooking dinner at home but took an extended nap instead. So, I opted for convenience from Subway instead since I had run out of time before FPU meeting started. As it was, I was 10 minutes late.

Ate a cookie at FPU meeting tonight. Homemade and so delicious. Wanted another one, but I refrained.

Later in the evening talking with one of the ladies about weight and diet. One of the ladies said she had lost 30 pounds last year but put it back on this year. She said I am inspiring her to lose the weight again. I feel determined not to put it back on.

I weighed myself at gym today: still around 140. I'm not all about the number, but I do hope the number to go down! Not just for physical appearance sake, but, am also thinking about the added health benefits involved in lowering one's weight and eating healthily. Is it possible for me to avoid diabetes from changing my diet?

I received some nice hand-me-downs tonight from Jill. So excited. I want to do the happy dance!! Sandals to go with this cute dress. Some casual and nice clothes for work. God knew what I needed and chose Jill to be that human vessel to provide for me. So thankful!! Fashion show for the girls!! LoL

30 minutes working out and 60 minutes rotating between the jacuzzi and sauna and steam room. I wonder if anything is wrong with this picture?

Final note-A few weeks back someone mentioned how it seems I've developed some self control in an area of my life (eating and physical). But, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How Do I Feel Today About "Things"?

Zumba in the morning, check. Eating healthy, check. Drank 8 glasses of H2O, check. Well, I was trying to decide between walking in the morning outdoors in the neighborhood today or going to Zumba class. Zumba won out! (I like being outdoors, especially when the weather is cool. But, Zumba is just so much fun-ner)!

Hit the 138 mark today. Cannot believe it. 8 more until my goal. If I hit that goal, then I'm thinking about making 5 more my goal after that. Why not?! Thinking today about this whole weight loss thing. Thought about how I actually enjoy challenges. Challenges that are "just right" like "Baby Bear". (Daddy Bear's chair was TOO BIG. Mama Bear's chair was TOO SMALL. Baby Bear's chair was JUST RIGHT. I like a challenge that is "just right", and, I feel like this path I've been on has been "just right".

Anyways, okay, also worried a tiny bit about losing muscle. I'm not, but, I also don't want to begin to lose muscle. So, am thinking about protein intake these days. How much is enough? When should I consume it? Am I getting enough for my needs? Should I add a protein shake? Why or why not? I need to get educated on this topic.

Trying to commit to physical exercise daily. At least a 30 minute walk on elliptical machine at the gym, or a 45 minute to an hour walk around the neighborhood in the mornings (beauty at that time all around me), or the one hour zumba class at the gym on the days it's offered. This week, so far, 3 days, and 3 days of exercise. Monday-45 minute walk outside, Tuesday-Zumba class, Wednesday-Zumba class, tomorrow-walk outdoors, Friday-Zumba class, Saturday-off/break/rest, Sunday-Body works abs class at gym. It's my plan. We'll see if it works or if I keep it up or not.

Nice afternoon chat today with Shivan. Talking with others about our weight loss and food journeys is so helpful to me!!

Hope you are doing well on your weight loss journey!

A gift of love to myself. Treating myself right (I like).

The Beginning

Some day I want to write about some of the emotions I felt in the beginning of my weight loss journey. I have them written down somewhere. If I could only find out where that was! I sort of remember feeling a little bit of doubt and disbelief. I didn't know if my body would shrink or not, and if so, by how much. I think the 1st week I lost somewhere around 4 pounds. I have to go back and check my documentations to know for sure. I do remember getting weepy and teary-eyed once I got close to losing 10 pounds! I think it was at pound 9 that I wept! And, I had no idea if I would even hit a 20 pound mark! But, I did everything that Jane, my "food coach", taught me, and, it worked. That, I know for sure. By the way, I just reached 138. Woo hoo. When was the last time I hit the 130s range? It's been years. And years. And years. So, ya!!!

Once I find my old journal, the first one I used when I first started out, then I will review and share more about that time!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Does My Life Even Count?

Sorry my picture is sideways!! I rotated it but it still uploading this way. Can you turn your head a sideways and see?

Sometimes I am not aware of how I am or am not influencing other people in my life. But, last night one of my friends told me that she had bought her food diary, and she is going to start using it. Yes, I am so happy for her!!!

This is a picture of my food diary. It is for 6 months. I got it at Borders during their going-out-of-business sale. It has a place for recording meals, and calorie counts, as well as additional information if you want, such as protein grams, fat grams, fiber grams, and carb grams. I found that it was a very useful tool, especially in the beginning of the year when I had no idea what my food contained in terms of these things! Truly, I was clueless (I'm laughing but it's true)!

I went for a period of time not using it. However, I am using it again daily, to at least write down the foods I eat. I would like to record the calories so I can count where I am at. Probably, my guess is, I am in a healthy range, but, I would rather be more concrete about it than just trying to guess. This is just me, and the approach that I feel will work best/well for me!

The final thing I wish to say is this: I am really happy you are reading my blog!! It really really warms my heart.

Tuesday's Dinner

I'm just trying to use what's in my fridge for dinner tonight, and this is what I came up with. Soup with tofu and veggies in a spicy red pepper and soybean paste broth along with a tiny bit of mixed grains rice, some black beans seasoned with soy sauce and some kimchi and a cup of milk.

Lunch today: the Original Chicken Salad from Carl's Jr. # of calories=290, with low calorie balsamic vinegarette. I've been reading labels lately and I just want to share with you the reader, that not all balsamics and vinegarettes are low calorie. Surprising! So, if you are trying to lose weight, read the labels and find a low calorie dressing in a flavor you like. One of my favorites is a Soy Ginger Dressing from Trader Joes! 2 Tablespoons contains just 30 calories? Something low like that.

Here is the breakfast sandwich I made today. I used 2 slices of whole wheat bread (since I didn't have any grains yesterday I felt this was okay; otherwise, I'd probably use just one slice). One egg, with a few veggies like onion, tomato and cucumber seasoned with a little bit of salt and pepper and then some catsup and mustard drizzled on top. Yeah, the bread is toasted and buttered. Probably I could go without the butter next time. What was I thinking?!!

A view from the top.

Along with the toasted vegetable and egg breakfast sandwich, I had some canteloupe and non fat milk. A snack in the afternoon of fruit, yogurt, and a protein shake before my Zumba class. Yea, I went to Zumba for one hour today. And, drank plenty of water. Took a multi vitamin and the fish oil for my heart.

Monday, August 22, 2011


There were brownies at the snack table tonight at our FPU meeting, and during the transition I wandered over there and couldn't resist! On the plus side, I chose a itty bitty tiny one, which amounted to about 3 or 4 bites. On the negative side, it's a whole heck of alot of sugar, and I already ate a tiny scone from Starbucks earlier today. Well, I have to tell myself that tomorrow is a new day!

I know overall I did adequate today (food intake wise). Dave Ramsey was teaching us tonight to do better! He says that if we're doing good in some particular area of our life, that we should strive to do better. I like that motto. I think I want to adopt that motto!!

Breakfast today consisted of: nonfat milk, a slice of canteloupe, one scrambeled egg with mixed veggies (onion, tomato, and garlic). So I know I did allright here.

Lunch-I packed my lunch to go today. I just sliced some cucumber and tomato, with pico de gallo powder, about a tablespoon of hummus (simply because that's all I had left, otherwise I would have probably had 2T), a plum, and some yogurt. Lunch light.

Afternoon snack was kind of my downfall today; not a disaster, if it's once in a while as my food coach has told me. I am just such a dogmatic person! My snack was a venti (large) sized green tea frapp from Starbucks and the mini vanilla scone. Oh, I don't want to think about the calories! On the plus side, a mini scone has fewer calories than a slice of pie, but the green tea frapp, I have no idea! That's a little scary. True, I asked for non fat milk but the powder itself that they use to make it with, I'm sure is laden with more calories than I can afford ON A REGULAR BASIS! Just for today, I guess it's "ok". But, I can't eat like that EVERY DAY!

Dinner was delicious. Because I ate with another family, so it warmed my heart as well as satisfied my stomach. A home made vegetable and seafood soup in a tomato broth, all from scratch and veggies from the garden. I think I died and went to heaven! Healthy healty, I know for sure!! Topped with a hot spicy sauce. M-m-m!!

Then the brownie and some rosemary flavored chips, about a handful. And, I came home and drank a cup of nonfat milk. I love milk!!

Summary of today's food intake: 2-3 servings of fruit, about 2-3 servings of veggies, 3-4 servings of milk/dairy, 2 servings from meat, 2 servings from sweets/oil, 0 servings of whole grains.

Summary of today's exercise: walking around neighborhood 45 minutes, listening to Dan Miller on ipod. It's tempting to skip exercise, but I want to do good to myself. And, I love the feeling afterwards that exercise brings. And, I want to keep and maintain what I have already worked so hard to achieve. Why should I stop now? No thank you. I made a lifestyle change, and I'm sticking to it! :)

This is one thing I love about keeping track of what I eat. By keeping track of my food intake, I can see where I need to improve. For example, today I had zero servings of whole grains. That is not good! So, I can see now that I need to improve my intake particularly in this area.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Dinner

So I went to the gym this afternoon. I walked on one of the elliptical machines that has handles for the arms too and walked 30 minutes. Then I quickly got ready for worship service in the evening. I ran out of time to eat, so, unfortunately, I didn't get to eat after working out. So I had to wait until after worship service to eat, and that was around 8 or 8:30. I ate a ham sandwich from Subway. I ordered the footlong because it's only $5.00. I got it with mustard no mayo, and no oil. On wheat bread! So, I'm pretty proud of myself for ordering that way! Usually I'd eat a 6 inch with a bag of chips and an iced tea, and load up the sandwich with mayo, oil and vinegar (cuz it's really so tasty that way), but not tonight. The only down side, is that I ate the entire foot long instead of just half. That is because I was so hungry by 8:30!! Lunch was around 1, so that was too long of a time to go without food. That was my poor planning. I think the calorie content for dinner was around 600. So, probably I am good for the day.

I appreciated my conversation this evening with Sandra. She was very interested to hear my story, as well as to tell me hers. All this over sandwiches, and then some jacuzzi time!! I feel like I am going to sleep well tonight!!

Even when at church tonight, one of the guys came up to me and asked me if I had been working out! That is so funny to me. Anyways, so he wanted to know what I had been doing as well. Zumba baby, Zumba! I told him. Until next time...


Today's lunch: a hotdog dipped in catsup and mustard, a cup of sliced cucumber, a cup of chopped tomato, a couple of tablespoons of hummus to dip the veggies (seasoned with salt and pepper), some iced green tea, 2 small plums, and some yoplait yogurt.

The thought that came to mind is that some people might feel this meal is odd, for whatever reason. They might think that I am depriving myself of satisfaction. However, they couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is, I feel completely satisfied with this meal. It is nutritionally balanced, and low fat!! I'm getting the calcium, protein, and probiotics that yogurt affords. I'm getting fiber and nutrition from the veggies, not to mention it's no fat! The hot dog has around 5 or 6 grams of fat, but, it also contains about the same amount of protein, so I eat it.

It's still hard for me to receive compliments from people about my physical appearance. For example, Christine and another girl remarked how good I looked today after worship service. And, in my heart, I know that they were both being sincere! And, a part of me wanted to drink in their words to me, but another part of me was pushing their words away. Why do I do that, I wonder? Anyways, I do appreciate the honor she gave me today by saying something kind about my current physical status, even if it is hard to receive, I'll take it.

So, I am planning to work out next Sunday morning, before worship service starts, and then get ready quickly and leave class a tiny bit early so I can get to worship service ON TIME!! Hopefully that'll happen.

I haven't exercised yet today. I could this afternoon, if I wanted. But, I also have other things to do. What should I do? What should I do? Maybe I can read a chapter in the Dan Miller book I am reading, AND THEN go to the gym!! THAT could work!

I am looking forward to my friend coming over after worship service tonight to use my jacuzzi together. So, whatever I want to do, reading and gym wise will have to be done this afternoon if I am to do anything.

Until next time...

It's Breakfast!

I am satisfied with my breakfast today, from a nutritional standpoint. One orange, one cup of nonfat milk, one cup of hot green tea, and one scrambled egg with veggies. The veggies were only a quarter of a tomato chopped (because the tomato was so large), a wedge of onion chopped, and some garlic. I seasoned the eggs with a little bit of cumin and oregano, salt and pepper, and used a little bit of Tapitio sauce on top. I haven't added the calories yet, but, it's not alot. An egg, milk, and the veggies all have under 100 calories (each). I love that I can eat about a cup or two of veggies, and I feel like I am eating alot but it's not. I'm getting fiber and nutrients from the veggies. OH, and there was a slice of cinnamon raisen bread too. I'm trying to get through both the freezer food and the fresh food in the fridge before it goes bad! The only "bad" thing was using about a tablespoon or so of country crock (vegetable oil spread) so eggs wouldn't stick to pan, and for topping on my toast. On the plus side, it wasn't like 3 or 4 tablespoons of oil!! But, still, oil contains alot lot lot lot of fat! So, I'm just saying.

Yesterday Josie gave me a compliment about my weight loss accomplishment. I so appreciate hearing the encouraging words of others. Surely exercise has played an important role in my weight loss as well. Yes, doing Zumba anywhere from 2 to 5 times a week has certainly helped, with an average of 3 or 4 times a week doing Zumba and some other form of exercise like walking on a treadmill.

Another thing that has also helped is doing it with someone else. Having Jane by my side has been another important factor in getting down in weight!!

Secretly, I want to work out this morning. It's Sunday morning. I have to, or am expected to, attend worship service. But, truth be told, I want to go take an aerobics class or Zumba class that starts at 8:30 AM!! That would mean being done by 9:30 and I'm not sure 30 minutes would be enough time to shower quickly and blow dry hair and put on make up and drive to service. I guess I could do it if I really pushed myself. Maybe next week I will do just that!!

Because, I LOVE the feeling of adrenaline rushing through my body after exercising!! It gives me more energy and I feel more alive, always, after any kind of a workout! So, yeah, this is my plan!! Why not?!

I love what I am learning from Dan Miller in his book, 48 Days to the Work You Love. He teaches that success in one area of our lives also affects the other areas of our lives; success in one area creates a kind of FLOW for success in the other areas as well. I used to be an indecisive person and it affected all the other areas of my life too. Now, I am becoming a more decisive being, and, through that, God is propelling me forward.

What I mean is, I am beginning to intentionally make positive deposits in ALL the other areas of my life (not just food for example). I decided to increase my personal development and learn something new. As a result of this decision, I "stumbled" upon a course catelogue at the library of which I decided to take an Arabic conversational class! I am so excited about this decision!! And, I can feel a momentum moving in my life now. So, go Dan Miller (lol).

No, I have not arrived, by any means. But, God is indeed using this 40 day time period to bring to a better place, this I have faith in.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

International Delight

So, this is my dinner tonight: chicken curry over a bed of mixed grain rice, along with a small side of kimchi and black beans, and a cup of non fat milk. Later I might have a piece of fruit and some Korean style tea.

Today for lunch I had a wrap: I put a layer of chipotle hummus on a tortilla and stuffed the tortilla with cucumber slices, tomato, and a fried hotdog! It's a humble meal. Anyways, and a serving of yogurt.

Breakfast was the typical egg, scrambled, with steamed onion and tomato, seasoned with cumin, oregano, salt, pepper, and jalepeno sauce. An orange, a cup of green tea, and a cup of non fat milk. Hmmm...seems like I am missing fruit! Am I getting enough fruit in my diet today?

Didn't exercise today though. I need to figure out how to be disciplined in this area. I know it would help both my wasteline, and my mental mind.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I Cannot Pay Attention to What Other People Think

I think today's eating was good. I was up a little bit earlier than usual for a phone call with an old friend from Korea. We had an early morning appointment on the phone together! So, that changed my schedule a little bit, but I still managed allright.

I got up and made a cup of hot green tea, sliced an orange, and ate some yogurt! Then we talked on the phone for like an hour. It was such an edifying time for each of us as we shared God stories of what He'd been doing in our lives since our days in Korea.

After we got off the phone, I scrambled an egg and added about a cup of veggies, as usual! I seasoned the eggs with a tiny bit of oregano and cumin, and added a tiny bit of salt and pepper to the veggies. Then, combined them all together, and drizzled a jalepeno sauce on top! I washed it down with a cup of nonfat milk, and felt back on track for my day!

Off to Zumba class. Was so fun!

Lunch was delicious. Ate the leftover salad from yesterday from Panera Bread that my aunt brought. It was a chicken salad with nuts and fruit. Used a low calorie dressing (I think it was "Olive Oil" dressing). And, ate some tomato and cucumber with some sun dried tomato hummus. I even ate about half a roll, WITH BUTTER (just a little bit). And, I was so happy! My food was tasty, and drank some water after and I was good to go!

Dinner was equally delish: mixed grain rice, but only like half cup cooked, and some chicken curry (has onion, zuchinni and potato), some kimchi, black beans, and a cup of non fat milk. Watermelon for dessert, about a half of cup because that was all that was left from yesterday!!

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with how I ate today. It was more like a typical day for me of what I eat, and the amounts. Much better than yesterday!!

I am looking right now at a box of cookies sitting on the counter! I had a craving but its gone.

My goal? I am definately at 140. I checked on the scale without shoes today when I went to the gym. So, 10 more pounds is my goal. But, I'm still saying we'll see what my body will do! I mean, yes, I would definately like to get down that much, but I will just see what my body actually does!

Because I have lost so much weight, some people think I'm fine now! But, only I can determine, and only I can decide what my ideal weight goal can be!! What I mean is, a few people think I should stop now, that I've done enough. However, my response is to stay focused, and not let "them" deter me from my weigt loss goals.

When I was younger, people used to say things like, "you don't need to lose weight", or "you look fine", even though I was probably like 5, 10 or 15 pounds "overweight". So, I cannot trust what people say to me, especially people in general, who are not close to me. They don't know my story. I guess I just get so frusterated sometimes when people, though well-meaning, say things that don't really sound helpful to my own ears.

Today my Zumba instructor gave me some helpful advice: he said to FIND THE LOVE, and to STAY FOCUSED. He encouraged me that I could indeed reach my weight loss goals. My other Zumba teacher told me REMAIN FAITHFUL (to eating healthily) and after a long plateu more weight WILL COME OFF!! So, I absolutely love what I have accomplished this past year in weight loss! At the pool yesterday, both my mom and my aunt were "oohing and aaah-ing" over my physique. I really really DO look different now, compared to last year! My self-esteem has improved SO MUCH. I do have and I do feel a sense of CONFIDENCE that I didn't know was there. It's been a wonderful metamorphasis that I plan to continue!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Story

For the past 10 years or more, I have gradually gained so much weight I became obese! I was 5 foot 2 and weighed almost 200 pounds! So shameful!

In January of 2011, I began meeting with a coach/friend who taught and guided me through my weight loss journey!!

8 months later, I have lost 50 pounds and feel amazing!

This is my story...

I ate the right foods in the right portions. I began exercising regularly, namely with Zumba but also the treadmill and yoga became my friends! I drank 8 glasses of water daily. I took a daily multi vitamin along with fish oil supplement. I began a food diary, recording everything I put in my mouth! I cut out the white flour products, and became conscious of whole grains. I learned so much along the way!

I used to eat 4-5 slices of pizza, because I could! I could eat a whole package of chips a-hoy in 2 days!! Oh my gosh. Shall I go on?

So, now, people come up to me, all the time, at church, at the gym, and want to know my story! How did I lose the weight? How much did I lose? How do I feel now? So, apparently, I have become an inspiration and motivation for a few people. Wow! Great! I am so glad that my life, and my weight loss success can help a few others.

I don't know what my body will do. What I mean is, will I get down to 130? I have remained a constant 144-142 for like the past 2 months or so. This past week I got to 140 but that was with shoes and clothes on. Therefore, I highly suspect that I am down to 139 possibly! And, that would be great!! I really really DO want to hit the 130s. I am shaking my head in disbelief that my body has done this!

So, even though I had a food coach/friend help me out, I am the one who did the work! And, I am the one who put the food in my mouth, or not. When I was tempted to eat my homemade delicious apple crisp, my food coach/friend encouraged me not to!! So, she helped me so much!!! I will always have a deep gratitude in my heart for her work with me. I also thank God for redeeming my body.

And, so, this is my story.

First Entry

Ah!! Welcome to my first entry for my online food diary!! Today was not a good day as far as food intake goes! Breakfast started out great, or as normal, with a scrambled egg, a cup of mixed steamed veggies, a cup of nonfat moo, and one orange. Plus, I usually drink a cup of hot green tea in the morning. And, take a multi vitamin and fish oil too.

For lunch I met some ladies and we had a feast! Well, it was not all bad!! My aunt brought Panera and we shared. I brought cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus, plums and hot dogs! My mom brought fruit: watermelon chunks! So we shared, and it was all so delicious!!

As for later, in the afternoon, this is when I "fell" from grace! Tequila shots, crackers, brie cheese and more fruit. Okay, in retrospect, I guess it was not all that bad!! I'm just certainly not used to eating like that. It was a lot of snacks.

For dinner, I had a small bowl of rice, less than usual, and some spicy chicken with veggies, plus a cup of nonfat moo. And, a cup of hot tea for afterwards.

So, all in all, it was a mediocre food eating day!! Not "perfect", but not so bad either. (I think there's a lot of calories in alcohol though, right?)

Until next time,