Monday, April 6, 2015

Welcome Back!!

My fitness and health journey began in January 2011, where I lost almost 60 pounds in 8 months, thanks to a dear friend who coached me along the way.  And, I nearly kept it off for 2 years!  That's the good news!!  The "bad" news is that, today, in 2015, 3 years after my initial success, I find myself once again longing to take off a few pounds!!  Well, if you look at me, you won't think I look "fat" or "obese" anymore; I do look slim.  But, I do know I could stand to lose the belly fat, if not for health reasons, also for aesthetic reasons!  And, I'd love to fit into my skinny jeans again, and other cute clothes, so, here we go again!

I just bought a food journal.  And, am reading up on the "do's and don'ts" of dieting/healthy living.  I use the term dieting to refer to intentional eating, and lifestyle, but most people think of dieting as a temporary restriction of foods.  I'm talking about reviewing the lifestyle choices that will lead me, and my body, to where I want it/us to go!! 

I've given in numerous times to the liquid sugars, especially the kind found in specialty coffee drinks, whose trademark name shall remain nameless!!  But, it's up to me, once again, to decide if I am going to do this or not.  Am I going to monitor my eating choices, each day, at every meal?  Am I going to choose to LOVE MYSELF, through my food choices, looking at the long-term desired effects, and not just the short-term temporary sugar high "fix"? 

I hate when people try to cheer you on, when they don't know what the heck they're talking about.  Or, they try to encourage you, but only speak platitudes like, "you can do it" or something dumb like that.  I'm talking about the heart.  The heart and our food choices are related.  So, today I am deciding, once again, that I am going to make healthy eating choices, learn all that I can about food and nutrition, and seek to apply those principles to my life.  And, I don't want to hear any negative voices from the peanut gallery; they can just eat my poop!!

Ok, so, I started today with an egg for breakfast, with a side of veggies, including some spinach, and an orange, plus a flat thin (they sell these breads in the store and have only 100 calories each, such a bargain to help me get where I want to be).  I did drink the coffee with cream and sugar, so I need to quit that cold turkey while I work on my goals.  And, that my friends, is where I'm at today.  I'll check in again, when I can get onto the computer.