Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Personal Inventory

     Today I was craving pasta!  So, where can I get delicious pasta?  None other than the Corner Bakery of course!!  So, today I headed over to my local corner, which in this case, happens to be in Huntington Beach, and ordered the pasta combo.  I ordered the CAFE sized pasta combo, which is a smaller portion of pasta that comes with a side salad.  I ordered the Caesar salad, and also asked for chicken meat so I could get a protein in there as well!!  After enjoying my delicious meal, I relaxed with a good book in hand, "The Daniel Plan", and began reading chapters one and two.  Upon finishing chapter 2, the author challenges, requests, and/or encourages the reader to take a personal inventory of where they're at TODAY.  Where am I at today with what Pastor Rick Warren calls the 5 Essentials from his book, The Daniel Plan?  Here is what I came up with for myself.

1.  Faith Essential
  • Generally, I see my life as in God's hands, especially through prayer...
  • I haven't attended church on a regular basis for nearly 3 years...
  • I feel a little bit hurt by God because  He didn't give me a full-time, 40 hour a week job for nearly the past 5 years...
  • Need to trust God through this time of testing/trial
2.  Food Essential
  • I've maintained a weight of 166-168 lbs. for at least past 2-3 months...
  • Have had previous success in weight loss...dropped from 200 lbs. to 140 lbs. in 2011
  • Want to drop 20-30 lbs. more!
  • Currently, my downfalls are coffee, cream, sugar, sweets, breads/white flour, and fried foods...
3.  Fitness Essential
  • I've been teaching Zumba 3 times or more a week
  • I should keep utilizing a food and fitness journal
  • I need to add 3 days into my routine of resistance training
  • And, chart or record my progress
4.  Focus Essential
  • I desire to help others lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle
  • Will read the book "The Daniel Plan" by Rick Warren
  • Will listen to the "Nutrition Made Clear" University level course on CD by Professor Roberta H. Anding
  • I'm getting my "Healthy Plate" license through Zumba
  • Getting reading to jumpstart my career goals:  ESL, credential, certificate and MA in TESOL etc.  (refocusing on life purpose)
  • Also, restart and keep blog going (monicas food  diary, this one!  LOL)
5.  Friends Essential
  • Possibly, Liz, at my new school worksite, will become my new/next fitness buddy!
  • There's many people to help out there...
  • Do not have a healthy buddy...
  • Have Jane for a buddy, but have not connected with her in a while
June 4, 2015, begins my "Day 1" of The Daniel Plan" (40 days to a  healthier life).  Heck, I'll be happy with 21!!

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